Adding a Nice Image to your WordPress page

Adding images to your WordPress site or WordPress blog is the key solution to illustrate your publication and the same time to to enhance your website. According to the adage,”A picture is worth a thousand words” a complex idea can be translated with just a single image. The following steps will help you adding and managing images easily.


Images Settingsnew_page

For faster result on your site, its is important to minimize the size of your images. 72 ppi option is good enough to sample your images. for web purposes, it is recommended that you save your images in the following formats: (.jpeg or .jpg and .png)


Uploading Images

You can upload images from your computer or from your existing media library.


Upload Images from Your Computeradd_media

1. Go to + New > page > Add New, or open an existing post in editing mode. 

2. Place the cursor on the page editor, and click on the Add Media icon above.

3. Select Files from your computer, drag and drop your files into the box to upload.drag_drop

drag and drop uploader only is supported by HTML5 browser, upload is supported by latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

edit some settings before inserting the image, whenever crunching process is completed.
Insert the images into the page or the post.