Our Paintings



For this biomimicry project: Art inspired by biology, I was not afraid of using colors to spice up my canvas. The superimposition of multiple thin layers of paint helped me create a deeper visual sensation despite the fact that I used near complementary colors: cobalt blue, yellow ocher and Indian red. They are the dominant hues for most of my paintings, when they are mixed I obtained my darker shades; however, when juxtaposed, the result is tremendously fascinating. I worked simultaneously all the canvas, maintained connections and held deliberately a sense of uniformity with my color palette. I have an intense interest in oil-based paint medium because it offers a higher reflexive gradient and greater overall value. The variety of textures that emerged from my composition is not accidental; it helps lay the foundations of the elements and simulates a three-dimensional effect on my artwork. I greatly benefited from my studio’s natural daylight surrounded by glass windows and avoided painting at nights and during gloomy days; as a result, I delivered a greater contrast and a bigger punch.



Forms and Functions

I am fascinated by the forms and functions of these insects. I personally have a deeper connection with nature and environment because of this project. The combination of texture and the oil-based medium are the best tool for this project.


The fact that I have painted multiple canvases simultaneously, I have gained more experience. My only challenge was the lack of sunshine during this rainy season. I am tremendously satisfied by the outcome of this biomimicry project for my honors in art.

Electron Microscope

With the help of the Scanning Electron Microscope, I was able to zoom into some insects, and used these images to further fuel my artwork. —Yves Rigaud, April 2010